Push notifications made easy

ntfy (pronounced notify) is a simple HTTP-based pub-sub notification service. It allows you to send notifications to your phone or desktop via scripts from any computer, and/or using a REST API. It's infinitely flexible, and 100% free software.

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Send push notifications from your app or script

Publishing messages can be done via PUT or POST. Topics are created on the fly by subscribing or publishing to them. If you use ntfy without sign-up, the topic is essentially a password, so pick something that's not easily guessable. If you purchase ntfy Pro, you can reserve topic names instead.

curl \
  -d "Backup successful πŸ˜€" \

Receive notifications on your phone

Subscribe to a topic and receive notifications, with different priorities, attachments, action buttons, tags & emojis, and even for automation.

Subscribe to a topic, and instantly receive notifications

Alert yourself about unauthorized logins, when your show was downloaded, or when your home automation sensors detect movement in the yard. ntfy hooks into anything and everything.

Priorities, action buttons, icons, tags & emojis, ...

You can define a notification priority, which maps to different sounds & vibration patterns. Action buttons allows you to react to notifications directly, and tags and emojis let you classify & personalize notifications.

Send files to your phone or your computer

With ntfy attachments, you can send images, videos, and other files to your phone instantly - be it pictures from your surveillance camera, videos, or other documents

Or get notified on your computer

You can use the web app to subscribe to topics as well. If you do, notifications will pop up as desktop notifications. Simply type in the topic name and click the Subscribe button. The browser will keep a connection open and listen for incoming notifications.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

Publishing messages is just a HTTP request, so pretty much everything under the sun can integrate with ntfy.


Github Actions
Uptime Kuma
Home Assistant

Whether it's receiving alerts from cronjobs, or when a GitHub Actions pipeline finishes, or when a new episode of your TV show is available, or when any website has a change ❀️, ntfy will let you know.


Try ntfy for free without sign-up, or check out our paid plans. Or, since it's open source, you can always self-host it.


$5/ month

Get started with ntfy, while also supporting the open source project.



$10/ month

This is the best value plan. Lots of messages, and large attachments.



$20/ month

Insane amount of messages, lots of reserved topics, giant attachments.


Need a bigger plan, or a dedicated server? Feel free to contact us.

If you don't need a paid plan, but would still like to support us, please donate via GitHub Sponsors or Liberapay ❀️.

β€œHands down the best notification service I've ever used, and I have used them all.”

– Joe Harrison

Thank you

A rare app that is solves a problem in the most straightforward way possible. Thank you very much developer.

Jonathan Paul


Awesome work, app and platform are amazing!

Craig Miller

FOSS is the future

Absolutely fantastic job, dude! ❀️ Keep it up, FOSS is the future! 🌟

Vivek Kushal

Super simple to use

Amazing app that lets me have notifications for many of my server apps that I run, and also being super simple to use.

Alex Muscat

An awesome tool

Just added push notifications to see when someone signs up using ntfy.sh - an awesome tool

Vincent Will

Documentation is thorough.

The app is great, the documentation is thorough, and the responsiveness when asking for help is quick, helpful, and likewise thorough. Also super friendly.

Sean Kelly

Perfect single-purpose app

Want to send yourself notifications from a server or script somewhere? ntfy is the best option I've seen, hands down.


Easy to use API

Five stars for the efforts and making available for everyone. Nice documentation, self-hostable server, and easy to use API

Manoj P L

Made my life much easier

Open-source vanilla python code + lovely ntfy.sh service has actually made my life much easier 😌

Egor Marin

Fantastic for small projects

This is fantastic for small projects where it isn't worth writing an app for it. Thank you so much for putting this together and hosting it!

Kevin Hayen

Awesome self hosted notification app

This is an awesome self hosted notification app with a ton of features with tons more planned! You don't have to use it self hosted either - there is a public server available.


Must have for any developer & sysadmin

Awesome app! Must have for any developer/sysadmin/powerusers.

Rogelio DomΓ­nguez HernΓ‘ndez

Very powerful and rich on features

Wow, I just discovered this great open source project which allows to send push notifications to iOS/Androids/Desktop. The server component can be self hosted and the API seems to be very powerful and rich on features!


My favorite open source software

I declare ntfy.sh my favorite piece of open source software of 2022

Antonio Zugaldia

Still not convinced?

Check out the countless blog posts and newspaper articles about ntfy, or read the all the reviews on Google Play, and the Apple Store

Join our open source community

ntfy is open source, and dual-licensed under the Apache 2.0 and GPLv2 license. Development happens out in the open, on GitHub and in our chats on Discord/Matrix. We love free software, and we're doing this because it's fun. Please join us, and let us know how you are using ntfy!


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