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Deprecation notices

This page is used to list deprecation notices for ntfy. Deprecated commands and options will be removed after ~3 months from the time they were deprecated.

Active deprecations

Android app: WebSockets will become the default connection protocol

Active since 2022-03-13, behavior will change in June 2022

In future versions of the Android app, instant delivery connections and connections to self-hosted servers will be using the WebSockets protocol. This potentially requires configuration changes in your proxy.

Due to reports of varying battery consumption (which entirely seems to depend on the phone), JSON HTTP stream support will not be removed. Instead, I'll just flip the default to WebSocket in June.

Android app: Using since=<timestamp> instead of since=<id>

Active since 2022-02-27, behavior will change in May 2022

In about 3 months, the Android app will start using since=<id> instead of since=<timestamp>, which means that it will not work with servers older than v1.16.0 anymore. This is to simplify handling of deduplication in the Android app.

The since=<timestamp> endpoint will continue to work. This is merely a notice that the Android app behavior will change.

Previous deprecations

Running server via ntfy (instead of ntfy serve)

Deprecated 2021-12-17, behavior changed with v1.10.0

As more commands are added to the ntfy CLI tool, using just ntfy to run the server is not practical anymore. Please use ntfy serve instead. This also applies to Docker images, as they can also execute more than just the server.

$ ntfy
2021/12/17 08:16:01 Listening on :80/http
$ ntfy serve
2021/12/17 08:16:01 Listening on :80/http